Teacher Account

Help your students learn by doing. Find open exercises, edit them to match your needs, and share them with your students. How this works for the free Teacher Account is described below.


What is a Teacher Account?

The teacher account is for teachers who want to start using Grasple in their education for free. Grasple is designed around open content for Mathematics, Statistics, and other STEM subjects. With Grasple, you can quickly create a practice environment tailored to your course. Use existing materials, adapt or add content as you like.

Why a Teacher Account?

The teacher account is and always will be free. In exchange we ask you to create content. The content you create will always be available under a CC-BY license once it is finished. In other words, it is openly available for every user on the platform. All content you make can always be extracted from the platform by an export.


What can you do with a Teacher Account?

Create personal courses

No more one-size-fits-all online courses. You can create, edit, share and use all open content for creating up to three courses for your students. In this way, you can seamlessly incorporate the online course in your offline education.

Example course overview

Let students practice and recap

Let your students practice quickly and think critically about the topics in your course . You can invite up to 200 of your students into your courses to start practicing and recap the questions.

Example exercise in the plattform

Team up with your colleagues

You can share your courses with up to four other teachers to collaborate and build upon each other's ideas, concepts, and content to improve your teaching and student learning.

Screenshot of how to invite other teachers

Find high-quality exercises

Find high-quality, openly licensed exercises created by Grasple and educators from renowned universities and use them in your courses.

Finding open available exercises

Edit and create your exercises

You can simply co-create your own materials and share the content you make with your colleagues. We make it easy to edit existing exercises and lessons and automatically create copies for you so you don’t change someone else’s work.

co-create exercises

Direct Support access

Our support team will be directly available to you via chat and email. You can easily book a support meeting via the app for individual assistance. You will also have access to the help center with all kinds of tutorials and articles about Grasple.
Set up a meeting with support

Want to get started with Grasple?

Grasple is committed to continuing the development of the platform with the highest possible intention to support open education and interoperability, accessibility, privacy, and security. When setting up your own teacher account, please use your institution's email address for security purposes.
will be invited to share your thoughts and ideas via community sessions (when you opt-in for our personal communication). By using the teacher account you will agree to the following: