Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra exercises that will be made accessible soon.

The exercises on Linear Algebra are actively being developed and imported by Delft University of Technology and adapted by Grasple. These materials will be made available under an open Creative Commons license in the near future.

  •   Indicates whether a lesson/explanation is available per subject
  • 10  Indicates if and how many exercises are currently available per subject
  •   Content has an open Creative Commons license
  • cc  Content will be released with an open Creative Commons license in the near future

Systems of Linear Equations

  • 2 cc Unique Solutions
  • 10 cc Echelon Form
  • 8 cc Matrix Equations

Matrix Algebra

  • 6 cc Vector Algebra
  • 10 cc Vector Product
  • 11 cc Matrix Operations
  • 2 cc Matrix similarities
  • 6 cc Linear Independent Sets

Vector spaces

  • 4 cc Vector Coordinates
  • 0 cc Span
  • 4 cc Subspaces
  • 8 cc General solutions for systems of Linear Equations

Inverse Matrices

  • 4 cc Properties of Inverse Matrices
  • 6 cc Inverse a 2x2 Matrix
  • 5 cc Determine Inverse of a Matrix


  • 11 cc Determinant of a 2x2 Matrix
  • 14 cc Determinant of a Matrix
  • 12 cc Properties of Determinants


  • 6 cc Properties of Eigenvectors
  • 4 cc Definition of Eigenvectors
  • 8 cc Characteristic polynomial

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