Grasple for Remote Summative Assessment

Help your students continue their study, even when exam halls are closed. With Grasple Remote Exams, students can take their exam from home.


This is how Grasple can help facilitate safe and secure online remote exams:

Prevent Fraud

With Grasple you can generate a unique exam for every student. Prevent fraud by using parameterization (different numbers), shuffling (different order) and pooling (different questions).


Save time grading

When you create your exam in Grasple, you can create grading rules that check characteristics of the student’s answer. When the conditions match, the rule is applied. Especially with big groups of students, this can save you days spent grading manually!


More and faster specific feedback

The best time to give feedback is when the student has just taken the exam. With manual grading, that is impossible. With automatic grading, you can! Add specific feedback to the grading rules, and students will learn more from their exam.


Integrate with proctoring applications

Grasple can be integrated with proctoring applications such as RPNow, Proctorio, and ProctorExam.


Secure and Reliable

When you organize an exam online, you want to be sure it is secure and reliable. At Grasple, we understand. Our uptime is 99.99+% and our infrastructure is designed to handle large groups of students. If students do get stressed and need (technical) support, we have a dedicated exam support team that responds within a minute.


Supporting the entire assessment cycle

Grasple Digital Exams supports all the facets of designing, facilitating, analysing, and archiving summative assessments.


Here are the features that are particularly useful for remote summative assessments:

✓ Parameterization
✓ Pooling
✓ Shuffling
✓ Automated Grading
✓ Manual Marking
✓ Access settings
✓ Extra Time
✓ Live dashboard
✓ User-friendly math editor
✓ Answer rules
✓ Math input, infinite amount of answers
✓ Personal visual feedback
✓ Audit Logs
✓ Remaining Time
✓ Automatic submission
✓ Online Reviews, submit remarks
✓ Export results


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