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Looking for ways to engage your students? Grasple offers curated interactive exercises on calculus. Starting with differentiation and integration up to complex numbers

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Open Exercises

All interactive calculus exercises are created by Delft University of Technology and available under a Creative Commons license. A big thanks to TU Delft for sharing these exercises with the rest of the world.


Application of limits


Application of derivatives


Inverse Functions

Implicit Differentiation

Linear Approximations and Differentials

L'Hopital's Rule

The Substitution Rule


Differential Equations

Complex Numbers

Taylor approximations

Calculus II

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    Multivariate functions and first order partial derivatives

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    Tangent planes and higher order partial derivatives

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    Directional derivative and the gradient

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    Critical points

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    Extremes on a closed domain

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    Double integrals over rectangles

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    Double integrals over general regions

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    Polar coordinates

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    Triple integrals

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    Cylindrical coordinates

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    Spherical coordinates


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