Community Guidelines

Last updated: 28 February 2024

Welcome to the Grasple community! We're thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey towards collaborative and open education. Grasple is more than just an online learning platform; it's a space where educators, students, and lifelong learners come together to share knowledge, create resources, and foster a spirit of inclusivity.

At Grasple, we're built upon the foundation of Open Educational Resources (OER) and are driven by the passion for accessible education. Our platform empowers educators in Higher Education to discover, develop, and share openly licensed exercises, enhancing the learning experience for students around the world. We firmly believe that education should know no bounds. To uphold this principle, we've created a platform that's not only innovative but also inclusive and respectful. We've established these Community Guidelines to outline our expectations for behavior and interactions within the Grasple ecosystem.

We invite all those who participate in Grasple to help us create safe and positive experiences for everyone.

User Generated Content

  • It is particularly important when it comes to User Generated Content, to uphold the values of respect, openness, and constructive learning. 
  • When you upload content to the Grasple platform, you are taking an active role in shaping the educational experience for countless learners. We encourage your creativity and innovation, but we also emphasize your responsibility in ensuring that the content you contribute aligns with our principles and guidelines. Content that contains vulgarity, explicit language, or offensive material has no place on our platform and will be removed.

Licenses and Copyrights

  • By uploading content to Grasple, you affirm that the material is your own or that you have obtained the necessary permissions and licenses for its use. For further information regarding licenses and copyrights, make sure to read the Terms of Service.

Monitoring content through user reports

  • We depend on our community to maintain a respectful environment. If you spot content violating our guidelines or Terms of Service, use the reporting feature. We assess each report to ensure a safe and positive learning space for all. Your reports are confidential, fostering fairness and collaboration.

Removal of Content

  • Grasple reserves the right to remove content that violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. This ensures the integrity of our platform and the quality of the learning environment for all users.

Legal Notice

These Community Guidelines supplement the Terms of Service and are not exhaustive. If any contradictions arise between these guidelines and the Terms of Service, the latter will take precedence. These Guidelines are publicly accessible and available for unrestricted use.
Questions and feedback
Regarding questions or feedback related to the Community Guidelines, you can contact us: