Research Methods

Find curated lessons and exercises on Research Methods.

Below you find a list of lessons and exercises on research methods, that are open or will be released with an open license. These materials have been created by Grasple over the past five years in collaboration with different universities. To already access the materials that are not yet CC licensed, you can create a free teacher account.

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  • 10  Indicates if and how many exercises are currently available per subject
  •   Content has an open Creative Commons license
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Research Cycle

  • 17 cc Research Cycle
  • 10 cc Phase 1: Problem analysis
  • 10 cc Phase 2: Research design
  • 10 cc Phase 5: Reporting
  • 13 cc Analysis Schema

Qualitative research

  • 1 cc Literature and APA referencing
  • 3 cc Select sampling methods
  • 15 cc Recognise select sampling methods
  • 21 cc SPI(C)E Acronym
  • 9 cc Triangulation
  • 20 cc Coding

Correlational research

  • 35 cc Measurement levels
  • 7 cc Operationalisation
  • 13 cc More on Measurement levels and Operatinialisation
  • 17 cc Aselect sampling methods
  • 18 cc Validity and Reliability
  • 6 cc Correlation vs Causation
  • 23 cc Population and Sample
  • 3 cc Correlation
  • 10 cc Descriptive Statistics
  • 5 cc Correlations in samples

Experimental research

  • 20 cc Forming hypotheses
  • 10 cc Randomisation

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