Ready to use open & interactive exercises for OpenStax Calculus Vol 1?

Grasple is an OpenStax Ally

The Challenge: Want to add interactive practice exercises with direct feedback for your students without a big time investment?

Time is a precious commodity for educators especially when preparing content to support their courses. Are you looking for free & open education while trying to improve the learning impact but you just don’t have the time?

The Solution: Ready to use, free and interactive practice material that aligns perfectly with textbook content.

Grasple, an official OpenStax partner, introduces a game-changing approach to teaching Calculus without a big time investment. By integrating the widely-used OpenStax Calculus Volume 1 seamlessly into our solution, we provide a plug-and-play course structure that requires minimal setup time and can be used free of charge. That means the teachers get interactive practice exercises for their students that aligns with the content from the OpenStax Calculus Vol. 1 Course, includes adaptive feedback, is easy to use and adaptable to the individual teaching style so that the teachers remain in control.


Why Grasple & OpenStax?

Enhanced Student Engagement

Interactive exercises and instant feedback, including detailed solutions missing from the book, to boost student learning and engagement.

OpenStax Feedback Animation

Aligned OpenStax Content

The exercises are the same as in the OpenStax book, enriched with detailed solutions and feedback based on the student’s answer. The structure also matches the OpenStax book, ensuring a coherent learning experience.

OpenStax Grasple Match

Time-Efficient Course Preparation

Ready-to-use course designed to complement OpenStax material, enabling teachers to focus on teaching, not course creation. The course is ready to use as is or can be personalized to your own course structure within minutes to match your individual teaching style.

OpenStax Course Overview

What will you get?

A ready to use course based on OpenStax Calculus Volume 1. This course consists of interactive open exercises 1-on-1 aligned with the Volume 1 Calculus Openstax book. The exercises are enriched with direct feedback both on correct answers and incorrect answers to support the learning impact for the student. The course is ready to use as is. Beyond that there is a flexibility to tailor the course to fit each teaching style, with easy steps for customization and support along the way.

How can you get access?

  1. Click on the button below to create your personal OpenStax Course by signing up for a free Teacher Account
  2. In the registration form make sure the topic option “Openstax Calculus Volume 1" is checked as shown below: 
  3. You will get a personal OpenStax Calculus Volume 1 Course and the Grasple's Support Team will provide you with some initial information on how to explore this environment via email and/or chat.
  4. In case you have any questions along the way our Help Center is filled with help articles and a support chat to directly contact us.

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