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Grasple is an online platform that enables teachers in Higher Education to find and create openly licensed exercises and easily share them with colleagues and students.

What makes us different from other online practice environments is we are all about open collaboration.
What Github is for sharing and creating code, Grasple is for creating and sharing exercises in math and statistics.

Our mission is to make knowledge openly available for everyone.

To create a durable solution, we are structured as a social enterprise with an open business model. That means Grasple is free for inviduals and paid for organisations that seek integrations and support.

In English and Dutch

We support both English and Dutch. As a teacher you can choose the default language for your course, students can switch between languages anytime.

LTI & Single Sign-on

Integrate Grasple into your LMS as an LTI-plugin. For Dutch universities: we are connected to the Single Sign-on (SSO) service SurfConext.

Secure by design

In everything we design security is a major theme. We are fully GDPR compliant and already have Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) with many universities.

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