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With Grasple you can quickly create a practice environment that is tailored to your course. Use existing materials, adapt or add if you would like.

Practice and Recap

Help your students practice with online exercises and recap the subjects through short lessons. We offer a curated collection of thousands of high-quality exercises and lessons.


Active Learning

Use interactive questions to scaffold students' thinking. Every exercise has direct feedback. Feedback contains help for students so they can learn from their mistakes and work to master the subject.



Find free, open license exercises created by Grasple and educators from renowned universities.


Your own personal course

No more one-size-fits-all online courses. Now you can create a personal course that shows only the subjects that you address in your course. In this way your students see the same subjects and structure online as you have in your course offline.


Edit & Create

We make it easy to edit existing exercises and lessons. We automatically make a copy for you so you don’t have to worry about changing someone else’s work. You can also create your own materials.


Computer Algebra System

Our Computer Algebra System (CAS) engine checks if two algebraic answers are the same. 2x and x+x are both marked correct, you don’t have to write any manual checks for that.


Real-time learning insights

See which concepts your students are struggling with. Our Learning Analytics dashboards help you see exactly where your help is most needed.


Knowledge Graph

One of our secret ingredients is our knowledge graph, also called a Domain Model. We have created relations between all subjects. Grasple uses these relations to help students and teachers with relevant feedback.


LMS integrations

Grasple integrates with all major LMS vendors, through LTI. This way, students don’t have to leave their LMS when they start practicing.