Privacy Policy Grasple

This page has been adjusted for last time on 3 december 2021.

On this page we inform you on which data we collect on our website and platform, why we collect this data and how we improve your experience on Grasple with this data. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy and we would like to inform you how we do this. In this way you know how we handle your data.

This privacy policy is only applicable to the services delivered by Grasple. You should be aware that Grasple can’t be held responsible for the privacy policy of other websites, platforms or sources.

Grasple respects the privacy of all users and takes care that the personal data you provide us will be handled confidentially and securely.

Usage of collected data

In this section we inform you why and how we use the data we collect on our platform.

Access to Grasple

To register for one of our services we require you to provide us with the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • IP-address
  • In case you are not logged in via SURFConext: password
  • In case you pay us: your bank account number

Based on the provided data we create a personal account for you. This account is used to provide you access to your personal environment and services within Grasple.

The data is stored on our own secure servers or on a secured third-party server.

Acquisition of personal data

  • The acquisition of your name, email and (in some cases) your password is done via a Single-Sign-On method (e.g. SURFConext), via a registration form on the platform, or via your organisation.
  • The acquisition of your IP-address is done via your browser and the servers on which the platform is installed.
  • In case you perform a payment on the platform, your back account number is acquired via the third party Mollie B.V.

Grasple will never explicitly ask your password, only via secure forms on the platform when needed (e.g. changing your password requires your email address). In some cases Grasple will ask your name and/or email address or other relevant information in support communication.


Your password is used to protect your data, such that only you can login onto your personal learning-environment.

Improvement of personal learning process

Your behavior within the learning-environment is stored. Analysis of this data is used to improve your personal learning process and and environment. These personal behavioral data consist of:

  • Navigation on the platform between different sections
  • Answers you provide to the questions
  • Time between lessons, questions and answers

Progress reports for teachers

In case you registered via a group, you’re connected to the curriculum of your teacher. The teacher has access to your progress within the curriculum. The progress data provided to the teacher consists out of:

  • Completed lessons
  • Completed challenges


E-mails or other messages (such as the chat messages) you send to us, could be stored. We might ask you for personal data which are relevant for the specific situation at hand. This data and the storage of the messages makes it possible for us to progress and answer your question and request. The data is stored on our own secure servers or on a secured third-party server.

Your IP-address is used for the communication via the chat function within Grasple. We use the chat function to help you as fast and easy as possible, but also to gather feedback about Grasple.

We will use your email address to inform you about the developments on our platform, request your feedback about the platform or its new functionalities, or contact in you regarding other changes in our platform or policies.


We collect data for research to get a better insight of our users, such that we can improve and tailor our services for them.

The website uses “cookies” (small files placed on your computer) to analyse the usage of the website by the users. The cookie generated data about your usage of the website can be transferred to our own secure servers of a secured third-party server. We use this information to keep track of how the website is used, create reports on website-activity and provide other services to involving website-activity. By collecting this data we improve your user experience on Grasple.


We do not collect or use the data for other purposes than the purposes described within this privacy policy, unless we received your permission for it.

These purposes are:

  • Learning and practicing online
  • Invitation, creation and access to personalized accounts
  • Provide insights on activity, progress and mastery to teachers and the user (the student)
  • Personal recommendations about progress and mastery via algorithms and teachers
  • Back-up of data
  • Provide support via the chat-app on our platform and via email
  • Creation and sharing of developed learning resources for teachers
  • Sharing user experiences (only in case of written consent of user)
  • Collect feedback to improve our product and services
  • Improvement of the product


Grasple has the right to anonymize the behavioral data of your account when your account is terminated by you or your organisation. Anonymizing of the data is achieved by the following steps:

  • removal of all your direct personal data (name, email, ip-address, password)
  • replacement of your User ID for a random User ID

Your account and data can no longer be traced back to you as a person, by us or a third party. These anonymized data (navigation on the platform between different sections, answers you provide to the questions, time between lessons questions and answers) will be used for the purposes described in this privacy policy and can be shared with third parties.


Your data is only shared with third-parties when it improves your experience on/within the platform of Grasple and will not be shared with third-parties for marketing or advertising purposes. Research data may be shared with Third Parties and internally within our organisation. In both cases, sufficient organizational and technical measures are in place to guard your privacy as good as we can. With all Third-Parties we have Data Protection Agreements (DPA’s) which describe which data we share and with what purpose. When your data is deleted or anonymized (on your request), your data at Third-Parties will also be deleted or anonymized.

Organizations and Data Protection Agreements

When you arrive on our platform via your University, School or organization, we might have a Data Protection Agreement with them. This agreement describes the processing or your personal data in detail. When you want to know whether we have such an agreement with your organization, send an email to To view the content of the DPA, please contact the legal office of your organization.

Changes in the policy

This privacy policy is tuned to the use of and services available in Grasple. Any adjustments or changes of the website, can lead to changes in the privacy policy. Therefore, we advise you to consult this privacy policy regularly. We will inform you when major changes are made to the privacy policy.

Accessing your personal data

We provide all users the possibility to view, change or remove all their personal data which has been gathered by us until that moment. To make such a request, send an email to

Unsubscribe from newsletter

Below each email you have the possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

How to reach us for view/changing or removing your personal data

At the end of this privacy policy contact information is given for request concerning viewing, changing or removing your personal data. In case of removal of your personal data, Grasple has the rights to anonymize the collected data and store these for future research purposes. Grasple will be the owner of the anonymized data and has the right to process them for improvements on the platform and future research purposes.

Disable Cookies​​​​

Most browsers will accept cookies as default, but you can alter the settings of your browser to disable cookies or notify when cookies are used. However, disabling cookies results in limited functionality of our services, platform and websites.

Questions and feedback

Within Grasple we treat your personal data with the utmost care and continuously assess whether our company Grasple acts corresponding to this privacy policy. Regarding questions or feedback related to this privacy policy or your personal data, you can contact us via email: