Grasple and OpenStax are now partners

By adapting and sharing OpenStax’s learning material, we can increase access to education worldwide.

Pim Bellinga

by Pim Bellinga
Co-Founder of Grasple

After adapting their learning materials for years, Grasple is now officially a partner of OpenStax: Rice University’s educational technology initiative and leading publisher of open educational resources. Together, we carry out our commitment to increase access to education worldwide.

What is OpenStax?

Based at Rice University in Houston, Texas, OpenStax is one of the world’s largest publishers of free, open educational resources. OpenStax provides free and affordable high-quality educational technology and content to everyone who needs it. OpenStax therefore publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, and openly licensed college textbooks that are free online and low cost in print. With this, students get access to effective educational materials for free or at a minimal cost.

To increase free access to education materials, OpenStax receives support from individual donations, philanthropic foundations, and technology partners. Currently, OpenStax textbooks are being used in 60% of colleges and universities in the U.S. and over 100 countries. Expanding their library is a top priority, since giving students access to top-level educational material is just the beginning.

Image of the summer interns working together at OpenStaxImage courtesy of Jemel Agulto, OpenStax

Fun fact
In 2019, Grasple was awarded an Open Education Award for our user-friendly practice platform, granted by the Open Education Consortium Committee. It was this committee that also connected us with OpenStax and pointed out the obvious fit between our organizations.

A match made in math
At Grasple, we have been using and adapting OpenStax’s learning material for quite some time. A variety of our curated, openly accessible interactive math exercises are based on exercises from OpenStax’s textbooks – and we proudly refer to them in our editor. As our mission is to make knowledge openly accessible to all educators and students, we noticed OpenStax and Grasple align on both our goals and values, so we thought: 1 + 1 = 3.

Together, we carry out our commitment to increase access to education worldwide. Now, when OpenStax develops and publishes textbooks, Grasple will turn this material into interactive assignments, accessible through our online practice and assessment platform. In addition to being able to read their textbooks online through OpenStax, students will now also be able to practice the exercises online and receive immediate feedback. Because both OpenStax and Grasple believe in providing free, openly accessible materials, teachers worldwide can use, share, and adapt these exercises in their education.

Grasple will continue to adapt OpenStax’s learning materials, so educators and students have access to countless openly licensed exercises. Highly interactive, free to use, and available worldwide.

Curious about the exercises we selected and adapted from OpenStax’s textbooks?

Image of the summer interns showing their work at OpenStaxImage courtesy of Jemel Agulto, OpenStax