Grasple is a social enterprise. We help teachers create, edit and share open exercises with everyone around the world.

Grasple is a social enterprise, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our mission is to make knowledge openly accessible to everyone. We strive to help people learn difficult concepts by practicing with high-quality exercises, created by educators who build on each other’s work.

“If I have seen further, it is because I have been standing on the shoulders of giants”.

– Sir Isaac Newton.

Just like scientific papers are starting to become openly accessible, we are now working to make learning materials openly accessible.

Our Story

Created by Educators

We are a social enterprise, because we are not in education to make money. We started as teachers ourselves, noticing ways in which digital tools can help us create more flexible and more personal approaches. We wanted to help our own students learn better, more efficiently and support teachers by creating more space for them to offer stimulating activities. That is why we started the Grasple platform: an easy-to-use platform where teachers can find, edit, and share learning materials. They can share them with other educators and with students so they can practice at their own time and pace.

Our model

Free for individuals, organizations pay for integrations and support

We do not rely on ads or a few wealthy donors. Instead, we believe it’s best to rely on a sustainable open business model. Our model is that we do not charge for content, making it open to everyone with an internet connection. Universities and schools who want to integrate the material into their formal education offering, can opt to purchase additional LMS integrations, functionalities and dedicated support. This way, we can provide the best service and support to universities and schools, while keeping the knowledge open for everyone.

Our achievements

The biggest open practice platform in the Netherlands

Since 2014, we have helped dozens of institutions. We started in the Netherlands, where we are now the leading open practice platform, serving around 30% of Higher Education institutions. For the first years we have politely declined to work with institutions from other countries, as we believe our existing customers required our dedicated focus. This strategy is paying off, as we now have long-term agreements with universities, such as Utrecht University, the largest university in the Netherlands (you can read their customer story here). We are now opening up our services to universities from the Nordics, Australia and the UK.

Want to learn more about how we help universities and schools? Please contact us; we’re happy to exchange thoughts.

Our dream

Finally, the great thing about open education is that it is really open. Anyone can copy and download materials and export them to other programs. This means there is no vendor lock-in. Some business people frown at this move from our side. That would not be a strategic thing to do for us, they say. We believe they are optimizing the wrong thing. We want to maximize the use and quality of open education. If in five, ten or twenty years time that means that another group of people will come to build the next generation of platforms, we would be happy to make way and make sure they can keep building on our work and the work of this generation of teachers and educators. That is how science has flourished over the past centuries. It is how open access to knowledge will flourish for the coming centuries. If we can help you play a part in that saga, our part of the mission has been accomplished.

Together we can make knowledge open.

Pim Bellinga
CEO of Grasple