What is Grasples "Learning Analytics Preview" about?

The Learning Analytics Preview shows you data and detailed insights for an exemplary student group in the middle of their course. We provide you with explanations on how to use this information based on our teachers experiences and enhancements made. This gives you time to explore for yourself how Grasple works and how it could fit your own teaching style without any further commitment.

This Learning Analytics Preview is useful if you are interested in seeing all data as if you are half way within your course. You can explore based on scenarios or just by scrolling through the views.

What is there to explore:

  • Monitoring individual student progress 
  • Identifying problematic subject
  • Using learning analytics to enhance your lessons
  • Reviewing test results and individual student performance
  • Checking participation

How does it work?

After you request access via the form we will send you your personal login data. Using that you can log in to a pre-filled Grasple environment. That means we already created an example course, enrolled some example students who already worked on some of the material etc. You can use your login for two weeks to explore what using Grasple could practically look like. 

We will provide some documentation and test scenarios to help you explore the specific functionalities - if you want to. Nevertheless it is of course always possible to explore completely on your own. 

Why do I have to sign up?

To give you the best possible experience, we prepared this Learning Analytics Preview directly within our platform.

For any questions feel free to contact us via email at support@grasple.com


Request Access to the Learning Analytics Preview